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Time to keep history straight - again

Ray Tapajna Living Journal Keeping History Straight

And the music goes round and round and it still comes out here the same way today

The same old story goes round and round and it comes out here

Pres. Bush, the first sets up free trade program, Pres. Clinton follows and passes NAFTA and GATT with a Democrat Controlled Congress supporting him. Pres. Bush, the second follows Clinton and hides the economic mess behind his shock and awe pre-emptive wars. Pres Obama follows and bails out big money, Wall Street and investment communities and puts them back in charge of the failed system.

Nothing new is added to stop the race to the bottom. The following articles foretold the coming of our economic crisis and all the economic statistics do not change the story. The Clinton years were the core of our economic meltdown with 1994 being the center of the storm

HOUSE OF CARDS ECONOMY - Ready to fall _____________________________ ________
By: Paul M Donovan, Steelworker, Local 188 retired from SteelLabor Magazine 2001/2002.
People get worried because 5,000 (Cleveland) LTV steelworkers may soon lose their jobs and the community will lose millions of dollars because these jobs added dollars for others up the line from raw product to the finished product and then through distribution channels.
If this is dangerous, we should know that once there were 140,000 steelworkers in Ohio (1965 Statistics) represented by five union Districts. There is now only one District left in the State. In our local region, we once had 29,000 steelworkers and now there is less than 8000 left. (since then, 5000 more steelworkers have lost their jobs with only 3000 left in the region now in 2002).
Our region, which led the way in steel and other manufacturing, is now replaced by an economy based on taxpayers with very little value-added stages left. Of the top twenty-five employers, five are government employers. The biggest employer is the Federal Government with the County and Cities close behind. Seven are related to the medical industry. Three are in school systems or colleges. Two are utilitiy companies. Following these employers are banks and insurance, which depend on other value-added stages to exist. So, out of the top twenty-five employers, only two are left who are value-added manufacturers.
This is an economy based on a house of cards. ( and primarily supported by taxpayers.), If only a few more cards are pulled from the base the whole thing will topple. The businesses that are thriving are temporary help offices, payday loan stores and equity loan businesses. This is not a foundation to build your economic house. We have a house of cards economy ready to fall.
(Paul M Donovan )

We read about the hundreds of garment workers being killed in factory fires in Bangladesh in the past few years but this too is an old story that hides other stories about our economic disaster.

----------------------------- ---------------
On Sweatshops -By Ray W. Tapajna from Catholic Universe Bulletin, 4/4/97

I am afraid the textile industry is not the only one that depends on sweatshop conditions.
We represented the last computer manufacturer who actually made computers in this country. Computers are only assembled here by $5.50 an hour workers with the parts coming from all the sweatshops of the world. Even software is now included with the White House awarding a contract to the lowest bidder from India.
We can also do the same with almost every industry now with only a brand name left as the face to the customer. Everything else of the company like this no longer exist.
I have been trying to get the story out for years with very little success with both parties backing NAFTA and GATT. Both bills were passed in a fast track mode too. GATT was passed by a lameduck Congress which did not answer to the people.
If you just cover one area in clothing goods, you may be doing an injustice because this issue alone will hide the rest.

The economic statistics keep bouncing off the wall but the same old story still applies in 2012-13.

Top 25 Employers - 20 are government related

Note- By 1994 most of major corporations and thousands of businesses were closed down in our county. My sales prospect list book that I carried for more than thirty years had many companies with 5,000 or more employees. Even after 1994, more closed down and today when a new business or company hires 100 workers, it makes headlines in our newspaper. Most of all the employers above are directly or indirectly related to government support systems. Plus many of the workers on pensions, now recieve their money from the Federal Government Pension Insurance Program. In 1992, just between IBM and ATT/NCR Computers, 250,000 workers lost their jobs. We kept records for 1998, and show another 250,000
workers losing their jobs in high tech industries.

When anyone tells you things were better during the Clinton years, show them this page. This era represents the eye of our economic storms.
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