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Free trade must be part of all discussions

By Ray Tapajna, Our article - Can not leave free trade out of the Wall Street protests and other "Occupy" protests rising up across the U.S. and the world is now showing up on many blogs and sites. You can forward it to all concerned. See The Rationale - Free trade is cancer

Free trade is now affecting our whole life. It is seeping into every part of our social and economic day.

The Handle with Care label has been taken off the world

As I read an article today, about the creation of new green energy jobs, I noted how free trade is should be part of every discussion. It is socio-economic event that has infested our ethics and our whole culture. Any talk about green energy and pollution should include the free trade factor. It is a contradiction if the manufacturing of green energy components is somewhere else in the world especially if the components are made in "dirty manufacturing facilities. There are no walls in the sky to protect us from this pollution. Further more, there is the overhead of costs, energy and pollution when products have to be transported under long haul ocean, air, rail or trucking shipping conditions.

My biggest business mistake was assuming the American people would
not shop their way out of their jobs and pay for it in many more ways than one including the overhead of long haul shipping and what goes with it. I never expected people of good will would not include these contradictions in all discussions of job creation. Americans continue to shop their way out of their jobs even while they are protesting at the Occupy Freedom Protests. It
just doesn't make any sense. And there is more to the story when new green energy jobs are involved. Pres. Obama gave millions to a new solar panel manufacturer but the manufacturer went bankrupt because they could not compete in a global economic arena. Again, U.S. taxpayer funded an enterprise that gave them nothing in return.

Furthermore, Government being the largest institution may be the largest user of energy but its use is most likely small compared to the largest users in our times. Free trade most likely is responsible for the greatest use of energy and most likely the greatest polluter of all other processes. First of all, there is more dirty manufacturing than before and even now
manufacturers ship parts back and forth due to escape the pollution standards in the USA. I bet many things that are called exports are just components going to a dirty factory somewhere.

Then, of course, there is long haul ocean ( with plenty of old dirty ships
polluting our atmosphere ), air, rail and truck shipping plus all the extra packaging and containers required. This most likely surpasses all others in the use of energy and the causing of pollution. It is ironic for someone like Senator Portman, who headed the trade process under President Bush, to be
worried about a clean-energy economy and co-sponsor the Energy Savings
and Industrial Competitiveness Act.

We need to create local value added economies to save our economy in
general and to streamline the process of distribution that uses excess energy and causes the pollution of not only our country but the world. There are no walls in the skies that protect us from the affects of free trade. We need to re-shore our factories for this reason alone.
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